Women’s History Network-Pakistan (WHN-P)

Women’s History Network-Pakistan (WHN-P) is an affiliate of The International Federation for Research in Women’s History/ Federation Internationale Pour la Recherche en Histoire des Femmes (IFRWH/FIRHF https://www.ifrwh.com) founded in April 1987.

Women in Pakistan remain segregated in historical narratives and real-life situations. There is an urgent need that we as a nation recognize the contributions women have made to enrich our national life. Historical writings have done little to document women’s active roles. Consequent to an unjust suppression of women’s historic role by historiographers, an equally unjustifiable public opinion has rooted itself in today’s civil society denying and withholding women’s partnership in all developmental projects. We cannot allow our history to be veiled any longer. Women’s History Network would create awareness in Pakistani women about their historic role and would raise Pakistani women’s profile locally and globally. Its guiding principle is the conviction that women throughout history have remained active agents, and this role should be restored to them now.