Research Projects



In this month of Women’s History and to participate in the International Women’s Day celebrations, the Pakistan Association for Women’s Studies launches a new project titled MAKING WOMEN OF PAKISTAN VISIBLE

Following are our objectives

  • To close the gender gap in historical studies by making women of Pakistan visible
  • To create short biographies of women of Pakistan
  • To recognise women’s contribution in the making of our lives
  • To make connections between women of today and women of the past

What the participants have to do

  • Write short biographical sketches of women who are forgotten and were/are leaders at the grassroots level in remote villages and small towns.
  • Commemorate women who resisted oppression, violence, and injustices
  • Commemorate women who are trendsetters and pathfinders
  • Preserve memories of women who are known only through less known written sources, oral traditions, or archaeological finds and inscriptions

Who can participate

  • All those who have a passion for women’s history
  • All those who are interested in creating, sharing, and disseminating knowledge and information about women’s history.

Submission Guidelines

  • Set the title of your write-up under the known name of the woman whose biography you are submitting
  • Word length should not be more than 1500 words
  • In case, you have collected information from a local oral source, recognise this source
  • Add a relevant picture. (The picture should be sent as a separate attachment)
  • Proofread your write-up
  • Check its plagiarism/similarity (we can also do this)
  • Give the name of the author contact details (email, institutional affiliation, if any, job title)
  • Email it to under the subject women’s History

What we will do with the biographical sketches

  • All submissions will be reviewed by a Committee of Subject Experts established for this purpose by the Pakistan Association for Women’s Studies
  • If experts recommend any changes, these will be communicated to the authors
  • The final draft will be approved by the reviewer
  • From the submissions, three final biographical sketches will be serialised in each issue of Pakistan Journal of Women’s Studies: Alam-e-Niswan (ISSN: 1024-1256) and will also be uploaded on the Facebook page of Women’s History Network-Pakistan
  • Later, Pakistan Women’s Studies Association will decide to publish all the biographical sketches at some appropriate time.


Time frame

            Starting date:  March 2021

This is a going project.

Payment for authors

This is a voluntary project with no payments for authorship.


All submissions will be under the copyright of the Pakistan Association for Women’s Studies.