WHNP seeks to accomplish two broad agendas:

  • Collect and publish information regarding all aspects of women’s history.
  • Promote research into all areas of women’s history.

These goals will be achieved by:

  • Establishing a database of the research, teaching and study interests of members, and related organisations and individuals,
  • Conducting research, documentation, and preservation of all pieces of evidence regarding women’s history, and by
  • Making appropriate changes in our learning and teaching methodologies.


  • To build a network of individuals and organizations that conduct and use women-oriented policy research
  • To raise public awareness of women’s roles and contributions
  • To make the history of women’s contribution accessible to the widest possible audience
  • To facilitate research and study of the lives and work of women through centuries
  • To organise seminars, conferences, and public lectures on women’s history


One major long-term goal of WHNP is to enhance nation-wide knowledge creation about women’s history and its transfer to younger generation. The knowledge base, thus created, would act as an effective tool in the eradication of gender bias in the country, and diminishing violence against women. Another long-term goal of WHNP is to set up a resource centre for interdisciplinary women’s history research, which will focus on the development and implementation of a curriculum on women’s history in educational institutions. It hopes to bring new perspectives and initiatives in the field of research and education.