our Aims and Objectives

As a non-sectarian voluntary social welfare organization, Pakistan Association for Women’s Studies has the following objectives:

  • To provide a forum for interaction and coordination for those engaged in teaching, research or action for women’s studies and for women’s development.
  • To promote Women’s Studies/Gender Studies and Feminist Studies as an academic subject within other disciplinary studies;
  • To build solidarity among women’s studies practitioners globally.
  • To identify, re-examine and develop feminist research and training methodologies which are relevant to the Pakistani situation.
  • To undertake participatory/action oriented research that is sensitive to issues of gender and development in Pakistan and in the region of  South Asia.
  • To strengthen the capabilities of Pakistani women researchers through training, education and research activities.
  • To assist women in developing their own resources for self-employment.
  • To network with individuals and groups working for elimination of discrimination against women.
  • To report and translate research findings in a manner usable by policy makers and relevant groups.
  • To organize conferences, seminars, workshops and short courses on women’s studies and feminist issues with the purpose of promoting and defending the interest of women’s studies.
  • To network with Pakistani women within Pakistan and Pakistani women living in other countries and with women from other parts of the rest of the world who are concerned with gender-sensitive research and training.