The mission of the Pakistan Association for Women’s Studies (PAWS) founded in March 1991 by activists and academics with feminist consciousness is to act as a catalyst to bring about the empowerment of women and hence the transformation of society from a gender-biased one to a society promoting gender equity and social justice.

Pakistan Association for Women’s Studies remains committed to generate and disseminate research-based knowledge about women of Pakistan to promote gender equity in social behaviours and at a policy-making level. Our core focus is to increase and strengthen women’s empowerment and women’s agency by making women’s work and their contribution visible. Pakistan Association for Women’s Studies firmly believes that women have the potential to act as agents for change

We serve WOMEN’S STUDIES, WOMEN’S RIGHTS, and GENDER EQUITY worldwide through the following activities:

Feminist Research & Documentation
Developing Teaching Methodologies of Women’s & Gender Studies
Professional Development Activities
Raising Awareness for Feminist Research
Supporting Women's Studies Scholarship
Assistance in Research, Field Data Collection
Translation Services